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Digital Solutions

What we do

Android Apps

Development of applications for Android mobiles.

Android Store
Windows Apps

Development of applications for Windows and Xbox.

Windows Store
Web Apps

Development of websites and web applications.

IT Solutions

Configuration of domains, servers... anything.

Why choose us

Our applications don't gather private data.
We don't use any other data than the necessary for just running the applications and making them work. We don't track, gather or store any private data. And, of course, we don't share any data.

We minimize the use of third party plugins or libraries. Our code is 100% secure.
90% of software companies nowadays use third party plugins and free libraries in their developments without proper verification. This causes a serious security threat. It can provoke from Data Leaks to more serious security problems.

We like participating in different projects, we're just having fun.
We are always looking for new challenges, new learnings and we really like to get new projects.


P.A. - CEO

Passionate about technologies.
I love sciences, computers and technologies.
I decided to create Plupella in order to keep my privacy online.
It allows me to work personal projects with anonymity.

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